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Abejundio- Prolouge

A note from the author,
 My name is Abejundio,
 and I would like to tell my story, I was an illegal Mexican immigrant, I would like to tell my story. The story of how I came to America. I would like to tell my story. The story of how I came to America, and how I was deported.
 This is about the law passed in Alabama that illgalizes Mexicans living here in Alabama, without a passport, although it is fictional, it has been written to promote awareness of this unfair law, many poor people can not get a job in Mexico, and have to come to America in order to get a job so that they can still feed their children, as well as promote the legalization of this concept so that they and their children would not have to starve to death, and children could still live. This title is very tragic, and is not reccomended for people who will get very sad, very easily, and so that children and adults who are innocent, and good people, staying alive, and us U.S. citzens getting to know them better, as well as keep them alive, and keep this world fair.
 Now here's what you actually want, the story of Abejundio, his immigration, his life, and his deportion.

mage's flames

 This is a Final Fantasy story of a black mage's quest for redemption. If you have never played a Final Fantasy game this may not make sense so i will give you a basic idea of it. Many games, for instance use a job changing system where you can change your characters abilities here is a list of basic job classes and their abilities.
 Ninja has the ability to throw objects and is a very good person to use in battle. White Mages can use healing spells

the cryptid boy

For a long time I've been interested in cryptids. I never knew what would happen.
"Some unkown beast in North Carolina was sited by a guy and his fourteen year old son"I said." nobody cares about cryptids" said Alex. Oh I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is James I like cryptozoology. I couldn't wait to get outside and meet micheal. He was the only other kid in the school who was interrested in cryptozoology. Suddenly I saw something flying above me. "Mothman" I said. He was headed for the swings. I was prepare for this. I grabbed a seat.(It was saved for somebody so the person next to me wasn't happy.  I had to kick the mothman unconcious and drag it to my teacher.
When my teacher saw it she was amazed. I went to get Micheal. He'd like this. I showed Micheal.  "What am I supposed to look at?". He was still there. How could he not see it. Nobody could. I realized something. Why so little people could see cryptids. I had a special ability.
The next day I kept the Mothman at my house. I decided to do something I was not supposed to do. I had to use mom's car to drive to Dover. apperently Only a few people could see him. I picked him up. and I went home.
When mom and dad found out I used the car. I was grounded forever. They did not want me driving around without a license. I would have to sneak the Dover Demon into my room.  soon I would find out what was happening.
I bought a plane ticket to England. I would look for Spring Heeled Jack. I captured him and brought him home.
When I had Spring Heeled Jack. He told me about how what we call cryptids are shy. He told me about how a powerful cryptid named the Bunyip was trying to take over the world and have cryptids in zoos. Then he gave me a power transmitter. it would give me the abilities of any cryptid I attached it to. So I attched it to Spring Heeled Jack. Then I attached it ot the Dover Demon. And lastly The Moth Man. So now that I could fly I would have an easier time capturing cryptids. 
 Well when I went to school I hid my abilities. I only showed them to my closest friends. Jacob thought it was cool I could fly.so did both Micheals. I was careful not to show Logan my abilitties. He is kind of annoying. little did I know his part in The War of The Cyptids
Later that day we got a message from hte president. President Obama did not fool me at all. With my eyesight I could see he was............Bunyip. 
 Soon Bunyip was coming to us. He showed his form.  I had to use my crpto abilities to stop him. I jumped high and stuck to the stage sealing. Then Bunyip said "Thank You Logan Richey for rising me. 
I guessed he wanted to destroy me. After all he was always the first to vote yes to launch me into space. Then I saw something. I saw A Chupacabra. I accquired his powers then I used it to suck out his blood. Bunyip does not have blood so it only made him angry. He made the whole gym dark but I saw a Flashlight Frog. I aqquired the powers and used them to produce light.
Then Bunyip dissolved. I realized his weakness was light. I turned on the lights and was considered a hero.
and public awareness of cryptids was made. so nobody ever called cryptids boring again
                                                                                the end
                       look for the cryptid boy 2 Rise of the apes 

The inpredictable cyborg kids

James Carson and Jacob were friends. But nobody would notice them. Well Jacob was noticed from his great basketball skills. His nickname was Scooby after his father. James was named after his father too. Some people claimed Carson was evil but James and Jacob were his friends. When they were in gym class suddenly some fast thing came and swooped them up. nobody noticed because they were doing sit ups. Derilyn noticed but the guy did something that wiped out his memory. All the kids in James's class's memories were wiped out. then suddenly they were asleep. When they woke up they were half robot. They were suddeny flying. then they were on the moon. A green alien came out and said hello. then all of them asked you speak English? He said Yes i do. you must be the cyborgs i ordered. What are cyborgs asked Carson and Jacob. They are half man half human he said. then they saw a button that said fly. they pushed it then they were suddenly in the 99th Dimenshion. Then they realized that everyone was being enslave by some green scaly guy. The guy spotted them and he used his tongue to grab them. Why arn't you working? he asked. Then Jacob found a button that said laser. He put it on him but then they realized the green scaly guy was a cyborg too. He pressed a button that said force feild. Then they realize that they saw some words floating in midair that said you destiny is to figt him. Then Carson said. We'll battle you! Then the lizard guy said bring in the darkness demon ninjas. James said come on I've played all kinds ofaction and adventure games. we have to fight the darkness demon ninjas.Then the reptile thingy said and that's not all bring in the knight goblins! and then they realized something that said exteme attack they pressed it and pushed the button that said force feild. They then realized that the ddns and the kgs were all cyborgs too. Then they found one that said force feild breaking laser. Then James said we should think up cool nicknames I will be RoBo James Leader of the Inpredictable cyborg kids Jacob you are Shock Jacob. And Carson is Cable Carson. then they killed through all the villans and they were ready for the boss battle. then once they killed the lizard guy. they pressed fly and then they were on Earth in some restraunt. It was empty. Then they realized they were starving. James saw some money and decided to get a pizza. Then he guy there said Only Meat! Then he turned into a big monster. who looked like he could slice up anything Then they pressed their force feild button and put up force feilds but this guy was a cyborg too! he pressed force feild proof laser. Then suddenly something strange happened. A few kids from james's class came in. the they realized that they were cyborgs. Jamison pressed his extra damage laser. and so did all of them. Then the kids from James's class flew off. Whoa said Jacob I wonder who else was turned into a cyborg. Then they found a button that said genius and decided to make some new gadgets. RoBo James  made his own laser shooting boomerang. Cable Carson made a cool ray gun that could blast anything even if it was indestructabale. And Shock Jacob made a helmet where everything he thought of came true. Then they pressed fly and they were off to school. Not knowing there would be more adventure. Then they realized school was over. they rushed to their places each one went somewhere else. but then they realized the villans had returned. James face the monsters that guarded the lizard king. carson had to deafeat the lizard king and jacob had to fight the buthcher. jacob put on his helmet and imagined teleporters. so they all went to the places. and fought them using their special weapons and cyborg abilities.
                                                                look for the next part in
inpredictable cyborg kids 2 next level

camp tomba

This should have never happened. I was planning on spending my summer playing video games but mom had other ideas. She said I would have to go to camp tomba. She said I needed to be more manly. I would have to swim across a lake that was rumored to hae a sea monster called Tomba. He is rumored to bring kids down to a underwater kingdom where you had to do multiplication and all kids of other math. Tomba is rumored to be green and breaths waves of radioactive candy. And it makes you eat it. He has the head of a t rex the body of a lion the tail of a scorpion and the teeth of a shark. He can morph into anything he desires.  He must eat children at all times. if he does not have one in his mouth Tomba will eat the camp. He can not be seen by your parents. And every year he will chose one kid every year to be his slave. So now that I have told you about Tomba I might as well tell you the story. We arrived at camp tomba. Many kids were grouchy. Everyone had to go to the tee shirt center. The tee shirts are so the monster can see you. The monster has bad eyesight. So I got my tee shirt and went to the prep rally. Suddenly my pants turned into Tomba. He said You were chosen. But then my pants disapeared. Everyone suddenly turned around and laughed at me. I was told to go to my cabin and put on some pants. that night my blanket turned into Tomba. You were chosen. He said again. Then my blanket disapeared. I wonder why all this stuff disapears. There is nothing in the legend about that! But suddenly I was in rope climbing lessons. I must have been dreaming. But the legends say that dreams are a sign of Tomba. I am trying to climb the rope but then it turned into Tomba. I fell off the rope. you were chosen. It said. Then it was time to go to bow and arrow class. When I was there my bow turned into Tomba. You were chosen it said.again. then it was time for swimming class. That was when Tomba came out of the water and brought me down to his underwater kingdom.You must learn your 0s-12s! Tomba said. I knew what he ment. He ment multiplication as it says in the legend. But there is no way to deafeat Tomba. It does not say anything about it. But I made my own way to do it. I made a sword out of seashells. I seem to have special building abilities. I thought that it would work. But it did not work when I tried to stab him but he suddenly turned around and saw me. He said go work on you multiplication! I went back and tried to think of another plan. I had trouble but then I thought what if I could have him attack the other ones. 
                                                                                     the end
note about story
my parents inspired me for Tomba they always make me do multiplication. But I thought that if they were a monster they would be worse.
                                                                                       chapter 1
Once there was a man who entered two worlds. His name was John Green. He was sleeping and when he woke up he was in the middle of a battle. There were men in armor fighting. He went up to one. Where am I? John asked. Tonkocania and Qoob have been fighting. They want to be ruler of this space. I will not fight. There is a prophercy. When a strange creature comes he will chose the one who will decide who may win. John looked at him. He was green and had scales on his back.
                                                                                    chapter 2
you're the strange creature! John said. but I understand why I'm strange to you. But where will I sleep?  I am the king. You will sleep in the palace. He said. Which world are you of?  Tonkocaniaia.he said. Now come to the palace before Qoob tries to bribe you.
                                                                               chapter 3
In the palace John was treated royaly. He thought that Tonkocania deserved to win. But then a human came. The human went through terrible torture. He realized that Tonkocania just wanted to win. They were just trying to bribe him. He was ready to decide.
He told the king and said Qoob is the one who won. Tonkocania just tried to bribe me. Qoob wins.

Old Nick

It all started when I moved. When I was in my room a ghastly figure appeared. It said five simple words. i'll be waiting for you. it's time for dinner! mom said. after dinner i went to my room. the ghastly figure was sitting on my bed. i need your help. he said. a ghost named old nick has made me switch bodies. i just don't remeber what my body looks like. but this explained my weird dream. what he said was that dream. but i am a master magican. so i put a freeze on him. but it will only work for three days. but he had a trick. i was in egypt. now i am in alabama. and you are the only one that can help me. i was sent to this house and suddenly i could sense the power to freeze time. you have to say three words. they are i hate pizza. so this is why it never happened because i like pizza. but i had to do it. I HATE PIZZA. i shouted. suddenly there was a cold freeze in the hair. but i changed. i turned into a man with muscular arms and legs. my shirt taired off me. i grew fur.  then i suddenly grew claws. that happens said the person in Old Nick's body. you are now in tonkokania now. they have a universe called egypt. i live here. the only problem was you morphed into a king body. anyone that goes to tonkocania gets a powerful body. you will have to stay here for a while. it is part of tonkokanian rules. we have to take you to the palace. you will have to tell the king. he will not be happy. he has made this world a terrible place. then i said okay. suddenly we were in the palace. that is one of a kings powers. the person in Old Nick's body said. the king had black armor. it is the next king. the king said. there is only one rule for kings. but i am an outlaw. and i will not hand over the career! unless he can outsmart me to leave the castle. but the king could not see the ghost. old nick suddenly appeared. Nick ? he asked. your land surrendered. LET THE BOY BE THE KING. he said. it was so loud that he gave me the position. i sat in the throne. then suddenly i was handcuffed. tricked you! old nick said. then he changed shape. i am loki. i was raised by a giant. i killed one of the other norse gods. wait you were put under a poisunus snake that dripped poison on you. i said. but i have escaped. he said. now i will rule the world. why did you handcuff me. you possess all the powers in the universe. then i thought of somthing. that means i can can break free with super strength! i shouted. then i found somthing on my armor. turn somebody to stone. it said i pressed it. a computer popped out of nowhere. bthen i selected loki. he suddenly turned to stone. then i pressed a button that said go home. then i pressed the button that said unfreeze time. then it sunk into me. i had the clothes on that i had before. i was free. but i felt that someday i would return.

zinger : stories of the hero

                                                                                                     chapter 1 the rocket man
jasper james just gorun overby a car. but when he went back to going on his walk he flew! th en when he got down.  some fire came out of his fingers. with a skull! he went back to his apartment. he decided to call himself zingerhe made himself a super suit. and he went to sleep. when he woke up. he went to get the paper. it said man on rocket robs bank. he decided to find out who he was. and use his powers against him. he got on his suit and flew to the bank. he waited for him then when he got there. he flew over. set his rocket on fire. then the rocket went up up and he was never seen again.
                                                                                                    chapter 2 wicked wedgie wanger
zinger was waiting in his headquarters for some action. then he heard some screaming. he flew out the window and was ready for anything. he went out and saw a three armed monster. he shot deathfire at him but it did not deafeat him. he tried to deafeat him but he could not. then he got an idea. he morphed into him and gave him a wedgie. he could not stand the ehergy and ended up not being able to move. nobody rembered him. they thought he was a statue. zinger ended up getting no glory from the town but glory did not matter. the safty of his town and privacy was more important.
                                                                                                         chapter 3 aliens bring toilets alive part 1 

beastly boys

there is a group of boys. they call themselves beastly boys. why would i tell you this? they are robbers.  this is top secret informaition. this story will be shocking let's get to the story.

bloody bones attacks!

this is an awsome novel where you will meet your worst fears
                                                  bloody bone got in your room what do you do
                                                 call your parents                               punch him
                                                         he turned you into a dead person
                                                          the end
ps you should not have wasted your time on this